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Logicmasy's Internet Service is available which consists of an antenna on the roof of the house or building which is configured to contact any of our access points in the coverage area. Communication between home and our facility is in a "Wireless" which helps the service can be installed quickly. Our technology accommodates residential data from 3Mbps. to 20Mbps. If the client wishes to have Internet "Wireless" at his home just connect a Wireless Router to our (CPE).


Advantages of our service:airmax

  • Not required (telephone connection, cableTV, or credit check)
  • Installationof 1 to 7days (Why wait for your service?)
  • Stay connected 24/7 - NoLimits!
  • We do not limit P2P ports- No Limits!
  • Local Support in Puerto Rico
  • Online Billing (E-Bill Online) 
  • Custom Speed Available
  • Unlimited Data Transfer
  • Easy to connect to routers
  • Variety of Antennas