As traditional advertising is becoming less effective, digital signage is shedding new light on promotional strategies and communication methods. Organizations are capitalizing on digital media to build brand awareness, increase their competitive advantage, strengthen customer relationships and drive sales. With Logicmasys, you have the necessary tools to assemble engaging content and deliver your message to the right people at the right time.

Digital signage has proven its effectiveness as a marketing channel, with a current market of over US$800 million. The digital signage market is also one of the fastest growing channels, with projected market for digital signage worth US$3.5 billion by year 2011. In fact, over 430,000 digital displays were sold in 2005 alone, with the sole purpose of being used for digital signage displays. The digital signage market has recently been evaluated to show that signage providers are selling anywhere from one display per site to as many as 50 displays per site. They also reported an average sale of four digital displays per site.

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